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Scoma Chiropractic in Cape Coral, FL, offers spinal adjustments. If you suffer from pain in your back or our chiropractor has reason to think one of your nerve roots is being impinged, this non-invasive therapy may be the key to fixing your problem. Let's discuss when this chiropractic treatment may be right for you.

General Information 

During spinal adjustments, our practitioner, Dr. Louis Scoma, will either use his hands or a device to gently place force on the spine. By doing so, our chiropractor will optimize nerve function. It also eases pain as you reduce pressure on the surrounding soft tissue. 

Determining if a Spinal Alignment Is for You 

While chiropractic adjustments are safe for a majority of people, our practitioner will ensure it's safe for you by performing a thorough evaluation. This will include asking you questions about your medical history and determining the severity and cause of your pain. For instance, if you're pregnant, your practitioner will need to alter the treatment to accommodate your changing body. If you have osteoporosis and it's severe, our chiropractor may recommend another treatment for you to prevent fractures from occurring. 

During your evaluation, our practitioner will assess your problem along with X-Rays so as to determine the severity of the injury. Based on the results, our practitioner will determine the appropriate treatment or treatments for you. Sometimes, it may consist of spinal adjustments only or other treatments, such as electric muscle stimulation, as well. In some cases, spinal adjustments may not be recommended at all. 

Conditions Treated by Spinal Adjustments

Our Cape Coral, FL, practitioner may recommend chiropractic adjustments if you have a bulging or herniated disc. It's beneficial for those who have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or fibromyalgia. Our chiropractor may suggest this treatment being performed on your cervical spine if you suffered from whiplash. 

And we should note that these are merely some of the uses of this treatment. Our practitioner may recommend it for other acute or chronic issues as well. For acute problems, the adjustments may promote healing along with pain management. With chronic conditions, the pain is managed. We also use chiropractic adjustments for preventative care. 

Possible Side Effects 

Often, spinal adjustments cause no side effects. However, for those who do experience them, they tend to only be mild and temporary. For example, you might feel tired or sore immediately following the treatment. This will subside with time, though. 

At Scoma Chiropractic, serving Cape Coral, FL, and the nearby region, our Dr. Louis Scoma provides spinal adjustments. This treatment is routine for a chiropractor and can have an immense effect on your condition, whether chronic or acute. Before you receive one, though, you'll need to undergo an extensive diagnostic screening. 

Schedule an appointment with our practitioner to see what an adjustment can do for you by calling 239-945-1717.

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